Where’d everyone go? How Facebook is hiding your friends from you

Recent changes on Facebook have brought us better fan page engagement and monitoring abilities and a kewl light-table way to view photos. But there has been another quietly unfortunate (imho) change. Your newsfeed is now set to show only those people and fan pages with whom you’ve had a recent interaction.

The good news is you can override FB’s short-sightedness.

  1. At the top-right of your newsfeed are the two choices “Top News” and “Most Recent.” Click the down arrow to the right of “Most Recent” and select “Edit Options.”
  2. This will bring up a pull-down menu with two choices, “Friends and pages you interact with most” and “All of your friends and pages.” Click on “All of your friends and pages” and then click “Save.”

This will change Facebook’s default of showing only those profiles and fan pages that you interact with (as oppose to merely browsing quietly?) and showing you everyone (still allowing you to “hide” specific profiles and fan pages unilaterally).

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