What about me

There’s a widget on Yahoo!’s obsolete Mash property that is a fill-in-the-blank means of describing ones self. Here’s my attempt at it:

If I were an animal, I would be a sloth
My best features are missing
My Celebrity look-a-likes are sad
What I’m most likely doing now flying under the radar
What I’ll most likely be doing in the future ducking and dodging
My hobbies include walking around with a rocket launcher on my shoulder
If I were a movie character, I would be unemployed
What’s most likely playing on my iPod iPod? I don’t want to be told where to buy my music. I have a Sansa
My nicknames are boring
Things I’m most likely to say
uh, um, err, d’oh, meh
Something I can’t leave home without
my car
The soundtrack of my life
My style is
My talents are

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