The whole world’s watching

Background: Back in the days of our involvement in a war in Vietnam, protests by college students was a near daily event and had a regular spot on the nightly news (back in the days of 3 TV channels – oh, how did we survive?). Over time, the protesters and those they protested realized little by little the message was getting out. But even more so, when law enforcement and even the National Guard stepped in to corral and disperse the protesters using less than cordial methods, there was a near immediate nationwide backlash if it were shown on the nightly news.

Protesters soon learned the camera was their protector of sorts. So when faced with armed police and National Guard troops, they would begin to chant, “The whole world’s watching.”

I was reminded of this little tidbit of history twice today. I read where a few people lacking negotiating skills are having their heavy-handed behavior broadcast via social media for the whole world to see. The irony in both is those imposing their will felt the victims were required hold their tongues due to financial obligations or as I like to say, “not biting the hand that feeds you.” But when the hand is doing things stupidly and the information about it is already being bantered around in public, suppressing the honest opinions of anyone isn’t going to get you any new fans. In fact, the commenters just got a bigger audience, much bigger.

In the cases I mentioned coming across today, Comcast and KUOW (University of Washington radio) are the company’s taking the heat for the gross arrogance of a few staff.

I’ll let you read and judge for yourselves.


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