the dissident – a beer review

1123081440I overheard the store libations expert at the Ferndale Haggen pointing out a beer as “something new,” “interesting,” and “like a brown ale.” When I saw it was sold in individual oversized bottles sealed with a dipped-wax cap, I had to spend some birthday money (~$10) to satisfy my curiosity. I figured that if someone was going to put their brand on the line at $10 a bottle, the least I could do was buy one. I was a also little fearful I would not be able to buy anything but this stuff once it passed my lips.

I broke through the two layers of wax seal and popped the metal cap. The aroma was sweet but not Corona sweet. This wasn’t a blonde ale but it was definitely no stout either. It was, as promised, definitely a brown ale. The first taste was confusing. It was more sweet than bitter (I’m not a big bitter beer fan) but the flavors were not what I’m accustom to in a beer. Hey, it’s called the dissident right? I was warned.

I tasted fruit… maybe a berry-like flavor. The label tells of using wild yeast. Maybe that’s the source? Sorry, I’m no brewmeister. Patty thought it was more like a lemon, no, lime flavor behind the yeast and hops. So maybe it will taste 1123081440adifferent to everyone?

I will say this, it’s not something I’d drink by itself but with chips and salsa (and I would guess other food too) it was the perfect beer.

If you’ve got a ten-spot burning a hole in your pocket, track down “the dissident” and see for yourself.

the dissident 2008 reserve
Flanders style brown ale
Deschutes Brewery
Bend, Oregon, USA

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