Rocking Customer Service at Arby’s and Bank of America

The other day I was running errands with my mom. She’s nearly 90 and needed to go to a doctor appointment and make a bank deposit. On the way to the bank branch near where she lives, she prepared me in the event one of the staff saw her and came out to open the car door. Okay, it can happen (a la Les Schwab staff running out to my car when parking in their lot, which kind of freaks me out).

We arrived and parked out front. No one came out, but did I really expect them to? But once inside we encountered a staff person camped in the middle of the lobby who graciously greeted my mom and asked how they could help her. It was pure hand-holding from thereon. She got a teller involved and stayed with my mom during the whole transaction. When it was all done, my mom cast me a wink. She was thrilled to garner such attention.

Before we left, I quietly expressed my thanks to the staff and explained how their concierge-style customer service had a real long-term effect on my mom. Brilliant.

It was lunch time as we left the bank and I suggested going to Arby’s across the parking lot. I was surprised to learn she’d never eaten at one since my suggestion was due to the fact my father-in-law loves Arby’s. We went in and I asked the counter staff for her suggestions for a first-timer. She was happy to make suggestions and unknowingly knocked it out of the park with their Au jus Sandwich.

We had an enjoyable lunch and my mom wanted to use the restroom before we left. She uses a walker to get around which makes doors a challenge. An Arby employee noticed me holding the door open and asked if she could help. “That’d be nice, thank you,” I said and she followed my mom into the restroom. While I waited I saw someone, I assumed the day manager, wrestling with a console at the counter while growling at the counter staff. Unbeknownst to him, his other self-motivated staff was going above and beyond the call for a customer. We said our thanks quite loudly as we left to try and enlighten him to that fact.

I got to personally thank her on our way out. Surprisingly her response was, “I’d much rather help your mom than work.” To her, it wasn’t work to help a customer. She will go far. Maybe Bank of America will pick her up.


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