PeoplePond – come on in. The water’s fine

pp Every now and then I use this blog for a shameless plug of what I’m working on. And this time what I’m working on is the launch of PeoplePond. I have set up my profile there: Joe Beaulaurier.

Using PeoplePond, I put up a biographical “About Me” that is rich with those SEO keywords I think best represent me. I set up a pic of me and then filled in the blanks for all the social media and social network sites I care to share with others.

“Then what?” you ask. Precisely. There’s not much more for you to do except to toss your business cards and change your online signature to point to your page on PeoplePond.

Over time, you will discover your online identity (all those places where you put up comments, posts, pictures, music, video, etc.) will begin appearing higher in the search engine pages thus resulting in more people finding you online. If you have a product to sell, a service people need, an offer to make, etc. you will notice more interest as your messages become more visible.

What’s this about tossing business cards? Erm, yeah. I did say to do that didn’t I? Let me give you a little foundation first. PeoplePond is actually the compilation of, and By setting up on PeoplePond, you automatically inherit accounts at Weavemet and DandyID.

Weavemet is where your contact information is stored. One of the really kewl features of Weavemet is the ability to use text messages on your phone to request contact information from people (even if they aren’t using Weavemet yet) and to approve requests from others (again, even if they’re not using Weavemet).


I will receive a note telling me you are requesting my contact information. You will also receive a text instructing you how to quickly set up on Weavemet to receive my information. Once you’re ready, my information will be sent in a vCard email attachment that is usually painless to import into whatever address book you use.

So imagine standing in front of a new contact, pulling out your phone and sending a quick text message. Their phone then pings them with a message from Weavemet. Bing Bang Boom! They have your info. No lost business cards and no time wasted entering data. Quick – clean – easy.

PeoplePond is currently in a closed beta. That means you need an invitation code to set up an account. These codes are being released slowly. Follow PeoplePond on Twitter at to see if the most recent code still works. If it has been used up don’t worry. More will follow.

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