payvment almost had me at “Shopping Mall”

Read about a Facebook retail solution called payvment that made it easy to set up a retail shop on Facebook. While I’m not inclined to start selling fishing lures anytime soon (or am I?), I was intrigued at checking out the Facebook-based Shopping Mall they put their retailers in.

I searched for payvment on Facebook and found their app. Following that trail I found a link to the shopping mall (an app actually). Clicking that brought up a “Request for Permission” that always makes me stop and reconsider what I’m doing.

I scanned the app’s request (see screen cap here). There wasn’t anything that bothered me really but then I noticed it wanted permission to post to my wall. Oh heck no, I thought. As soon as I buy something, it’s likely to get flashed all over my Facebook profile that I like lavender-scented candles or give out not so subtle clues that I’m about to depart for warmer climes.

Nope… not gonna bite. No thanks. I’ll share what and when I want to share thank you.

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