NYT: Why Google search sucks more than not

When I first read the New York Times article, “The Dirty Little Secrets of Search”, I was eager to learn what tactics were used and by whom and how JCP would try to recover from the “corrective” action by Google. But then I realized that the SEO hacks and JCP were merely willing participants in a game led by Google. And, more and more, the end result of that game is poor quality and often irrelevant listings at the top of Google’s search results.

I heard someone say a year or so ago that they took more heart in the paid listings on Google than the organic. Their rationale was that the sites behind paid listings were willing to bet their own money that they had something worthwhile to offer the searcher. While I still ignore paid listings out of habit, there seems more and more credit can be given to his logic.

I’ve started using Bing as my initial “go to” search engine of choice and only when driven to by insufficient results on Bing do I go to Google. So I know what awaits those who are drive to give Bing a chance and I wonder if negative stories about Google and all the blog and twitter fallout that follow will provide enough empitus for people to give Bing that chance.

I realize that 80+% of all searches occur using some form of Google’s search delivery and as a result web sites seeking to attract more traffic will work very very hard to appease/trick Google into ranking their web pages high in the search results. Not as much effort will be applied to ranking in Bing’s results because there’s not that much of an audience in comparison.

But as more and more articles and industry experts come out voicing a sincere hatred of Google’s search results, more and more of the audience will give Bing a look-see. I know I did and it stuck.

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