News editor am I?

I had a realization recently that I’m rather particular about what I chose to read and believe in the news. Comes with being a half-century old and have spent nearly as many decades in sales and marketing. I’m what you might call a pessimist, while I tell myself I’m more so a pragmatist.

I’ve always hoped someone would put up a page of links to vetted news articles (similar to that would cater to my desire for the best journalism being applied to topics that really matter. I loathe what is broadcast on national mainstream broadcast channels (I have been heard to say, “who knew that the National Enquirer would end up with so much competition from mainstream media?”).

During my time between careers (my consultancy period I think it’s called), I decided see what it would take to be that person who would curate the news. I threw together a proof of concept site at and came up with a procedure that would make it as easy as possible to post a link, copy the headline/source and include a snippet whenever I came upon a news article with merit.

Even though it is quite easy to post (using WordPress’ “PressIt” tool), it takes a great deal of time to scour all the possible news sources. I’ll keep at it as time allows to see what gravity, if any, comes from it. Could be interesting.

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