Local marketing channels

Hello. My name is Joe Beaulaurier and I suffer from “bright and shiny” syndrome. I am prone to discovering something of interest and tracking it down to the very essence of its being. Unfortunately, this often means wasting a lot of time with no value at the end. But not always.

This morning I noticed that a friend was leading their pitch for their local marketing services with a reference to SuperPages. I hadn’t really thought of SuperPages as a local resource, not any more than any of the others. But it got me thinking about what she knew that I didn’t. So I starting digging the rabbit trail (remember, bright and shiny).

This took me to consider a number of local portals that enable SMBs (small and mid-size businesses) to put up pages providing another presence from whence they could be found. I wondered which ones were actually pulling in traffic and what the overall industry trend is for this.

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Looks like SuperPages is kicking it after all. While this doesn’t reveal regional hotspots where SuperPages may not be the best option, it does give reason to include them in the toolkit. I’m learning all the time.


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