Job Search at Month One – Things I’ve learned

This job search has an element that’s never been available to me before; the Internet. How great it was to be able to let several hundred friends, associates and acquaintances know that I was a free agent instantly. Messaging in LinkedIn and Facebook made it easy (and free!) to accomplish that.

And how wonderful is it to save searches on job sites and peruse them daily. Talking with others, I’ve learned I’m not the only one to be disappointed in how fails miserably in this regard. We’re in the upper upper Northwest corner of the continental United States. So it’s nothing short of ridiculous when Monster suggests jobs on the East Coast which it does daily. I assumed was the top dog in this space but maybe I was wrong.

I upgraded to a premium LinkedIn account to take advantage of some of the job hunter features. I’ve uploaded my resumes to CareerBuilder and (not sure what Indeed is doing with it but what the heck). As a result of working with these services, I get emails daily advising of new postings plus I’m playing with different searches too.

When searching job posting sites, they usually ask for keywords and a location. I realized many opportunities I’m well-suited for don’t require me to be “on site,” at least not all the time. The terms “telecommuting” and “virtual office” appear in postings that are not location-dependent. So I’ve started leaving the location field blank and inserted “telecommuting” and “virtual office” alongside my other keywords.

A difficult to swallow aspect of my job search efforts is I’ve neglected to use the skills I’m best equipped with. That hit me as a “well d’oh” moment recently. I guess I was avoiding doing it in fear of pigeon-holing myself by going to much in any one direction which may be a turn off to a potential employer or client. Well, damn the torpedoes. I’m always telling people to be fearless when making use of social media. Time to eat my own dog food.

So you’ll see more involvement by me in the marketing expert forums and groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and, of course, on Twitter. And also more blogging.




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