Am I setting myself up for disappointment

Last time I was due to “upgrade” my smartphone, the Windows Phone 7 with its “Metro” UI (user interface) was getting surprisingly good reviews, I mean really good, reviews before its release. But, instead of doing my homework, considering my options and spending some time with one before making the decision, I put my phone in my full coffee cup while driving at night. Of course, it took a few minutes before I discovered the faint blinking red light pleading to put the phone out of its misery. It was dead, dead, dead and I was out of town needing to get back on the grid ASAP.

So with no WP7 option, I got an HTC Droid Incredible instead. I have been very very happy with it and, in hindsight, it appears I dodged a bullet. Seems the Metro UI was a good idea but it needed to mature a bit more. Every phone store staff I asked said they much preferred the Android OS over the Windows Phone 7 OS. Primarily because the Metro UI just seemed too dumbed-down, not conveying half the information the Android OS could at a glance on a single screen. I don’t want to spend a lot of time using my phone. If I can glance at it and see everything I need and get back to what I’m doing with out having to open and close a bunch of apps, that’s just peachy.

Now I’m at the point of “upgrading” again. My phone is still keeping me very happy. I have few complaints. I picked up the Samsung Galaxy S yesterday (the one phone that is now outselling the iPhone) and at first glance it seemed to be a slightly bigger version of my Droid Incredible. But what about the new Windows Phone 8 OS that’s due to be on some phones in a month or so?

Windows Phone 8 is the latested interation of what I was waiting for last time. The Metro UI (now known as Modern UI or simply Windows 8) is reportedly more flexible and more intelligent. The desktop version of Windows 8 reportedly will change the way we approach our computer work, device interconnectivity and file storage. For a geek like me, that’s the equivalent of the cutest girl at school inviting me to a dance.

So after dodging disappointment last time around, am I just setting myself up to walk into it this time? Hopefully I will give myself the opportunity to kick the tires so to speak (I’m not continuing the cute girl dance metaphor here) this time.

No coffee to go for me, thanks.


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