If I smack it around it will ultimately shut up

I have a Toshiba Satellite notebook that is a really nice package of features especially versus price. I have had it nearly two years now and recall noticing soon after I bought it that some part of the cooling fan would rattle. But it stopped happening so there was no reason to return it. Here we are nearly two years later and I’m hearing this sound more and more. Imagine the frenzied attempt to shut down the computer when this noise starts blasting while sitting in the middle of a presentation with all eyes suddenly turned to see what label is on the lid of your notebook. I’m sure they’re surprised to see the Toshiba brand rather than something like, “Awesome Notebooks.”


It isn’t constant. It comes and goes – but it’s increasing frequency. But if I smack areas around the left side of the keyboard I can make it stop. It’s nice when that happens as I just get the quiet swoosh of the fan and a noticeable increase of airflow through the side exhaust. But it gets ridiculous to have to smack this thing to shut it up.

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