How can your cellphone get hacked?

Can my cell phone get hacked? Yes, sort of. The recent uproar over unauthorized access to cell phones has begged this question. The reporters were able to use a device that would enable convincing the voicemail service of a cell user that a call was from that cell user’s phone. In most cases, no credentials (ID/PIN/password) are needed to gain entry if you’re retrieving voicemail from the account’s phone. So they could then listen to and manage that user’s voicemail account (eg delete msgs) at will and without leaving any tracks. Verizon is the only service I know that requires credentials regardless of how you’re accessing your voicemail (they require a PIN number).

So if you’re a drug dealer, international spy or anyone else that doesn’t want their voicemail listened to by others, set up a voicemail password that’s always required.


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