A friend of mine pointed me to a Web site,, that his son, step-son, son-in-law (? I forget so just pick one) was behind. The idea behind the site/business won 1st prize in an entrepreneurial competition at Fresno State. Sounds like an interesting idea:

Lyles Review | Spring 2008

The team with an idea and business plan for the website claimed first place in the $10K Competition. The team was awarded $6,500, as well as an office space in the Lyles Center’s Hatchery and a scholarship to attend the E-Myth Leadership Intensive Seminar, a two-day event valued at $1,500. In addition, the team will be automatically entered into the Draper Fisher Jurvetson $250K Venture Challenge.

The team’s website will allow people concerned with health issues and various traditional, contemporary or alternative treatments, to talk to one another. Alastair Macleod was inspired to create such a web site because he has struggled with health issues and believes such a site would have helped him. The site is divided into social networks so that the users can talk with others who are going through the same things as they are. “I wanted to create a web site that people could understand and didn’t just contain a lot of medical talk,” Macleod said. “The concept is something that if it took off, it could really help a lot of people.

The team continues to work on their business and is moving into their hatchery space at the Lyles Center. Macleod said his team is excited about their new place to conduct business as well as the many resources and people they will have access to.

Know anyone who’d like to help this idea along? I can put you in touch.

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