Going Live!

After being completely immersed in Yahoo! services, I’m going to fully embrace Microsoft’s Windows Live Services. This means I have downloaded the set of software:

  • Mail: Access your multiple e-mail accounts in one placeAccess your multiple e-mail accounts in one place – Combine your Hotmail accounts—and even Gmail and Yahoo!* accounts—in one view – Get spam and virus filters across all your e-mail accounts – Start a Windows Live Messenger conversation right from your inbox.
  • Messenger: Connect with your friends and family via text, voice and video – Send text to mobile phones or handhelds.
  • Photo Gallery: Get creative and share your photos and videos Get creative and share your photos and videos – Easily edit and share your photos – Organize, add captions, and mark favorites for slideshows – Share online with just a few clicks.
  • Writer: Easily publish pictures, videos, and other rich content to your blog Easily publish pictures, videos, and other rich content to your blog – See exactly what your blog posts will look like as you write them – Compatible with Windows Live Spaces, WordPress, Live Journal, and many other blog services – Insert and customize photos, videos, tags, and lots of other cool content.
  • Toolbar: Easy access to Windows Live services from any Web pageEasy access to Windows Live services from any Web page – Start a search from any Web page -See instant previews of maps and more from any Web page – Personalize your Web experience with custom buttons.
  • Family Safety from Windows Live OneCare: Help protect your family online (and I tho’t I read somewhere that this also provides an automated backup to a web server).I’ve tried such exercises in the past and found myself reeling in and uninstalling before the end of day. I hope to give this a longer chance to sway me. After all, it should be making use of Windows Vista capabilities right? Right?

UPDATE: 30 minutes in…

  1. MSN Msgr uses a third-party service to provide for avatars. These are reportedly animated during chats and behave based on emoticons used during the conversations. Kewl.
  2. While writing this update, IE7 crashed without warning. That hasn’t happened for a while and was blamed on the Flash app. Hmmm… a sign of things to come? Gawd, this is MS software apps running on a Windows box. Shouldn’t there be some stability from that?
  3. Live Toolbar enables syncing local Favorites with a server-based repository. Since I use the Internet from several computers, the ability to access my Favorites/Bookmarks from anywhere is required. But to require downloading them to the local Favorites collection is not the solution. I don’t want to share my Favorites on a public computer nor comingle them on anothers’ computer. Accesing Y!’s remote bookmarks via their toolbar is far more useful.
  4. I was woefully wrong in assuming OneCare provided an online backup solution. Instead, "Backup and Restore regularly copies your important files and settings to CD, DVD, external hard disk, network drive, or other data-storage device."
  5. I didn’t realize how dependant I’ve become on my ability to right-click a Y! Toolbar button and have it open in a new tab/window. Doing that on the Live Toolbar brings up the IE7 toolbar menu instead. Kinda sucky.

UPDATE: 3 hours in…

  1. Still liking Live Writer but not much else. Bonus – I did discover there’s a IE7 add-on that showed up in my browser installation. It showed up next to the Home – Print – Tools buttons in the command bar.
  2. Hotmail stalls when trying to attach an 85K document file to an email. Kinda a show-stopper ya guess?
  3. To Hotmail’s credit, I can send from other email addresses using Hotmail. This has historically been a premium feature – I think.

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