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I recently realized the need to take ownership of my digital content as opposed to simply posting to the social media services currently popular (remember MySpace, FriendFeed, MyBlogLog, etc?). That’s why I’m back to posting to on my blog. It’s the common denominator for online content.

This meant I now needed to repurpose the content to the locations where I currently maintain an active presence (have some sort of an audience) like Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter. Not a real long list, but it I still wanted a solution that would automagically push content posted here ( if you reading this on FB, LI or twitter) to those other locations so I didn’t have to cut-n-paste.

The best options available to me are’s own Publicize feature and my friend Bill Flitter’s kewl service,

I had to first try and it was a very simple to implement service that, while very straight-forward to use, offered some very kewl flexibility for defining multiple paths for multiple sources and multiple destinations. Although I only have one source, I still like a lot because I do maintain a private and a public twitter account and it enables me to send to both. It also provides stats so I can see how many times my stuff is clicked and where. For example, I was surprised to see more clicks on my much neglected public twitter account than on Facebook. Go figure.

It was hard to ignore the repeated advisories from the dashboard to try out their new publicize service. It is drop-dead simple to use and it would push posts to FB, LI and twitter. But there’s no indication of getting stats specific to the the clicks associated with this. I’m an information junkie so I really need that stuff. It is also limited to send to only one account on each social media service. So I can’t send to both of my twitter accounts.

So I’ll be sticking with and happily so.

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