Comcast to acquire contact manager Plaxo – Yahoo! News

Apparently someone at Comcast sees Plaxo as something other than a company that builds their business by spamming their users’ address books. I can’t count the times I received an apologetic email from a well-intentioned friend who had wandered into Plaxo-land only to discover they had just unleashed an undesired email barrage to their entire address book.

Comcast to acquire contact manager Plaxo – Yahoo! News

"Comcast is looking at Plaxo to become the social media backbone of its products."

Maybe it will now just die and go away. I can only hope.

UPDATE: Sheesh, I forgot that Comcast doesn’t really understand what spam is. No wonder.

UPDATE 2: Marshall at ReadWriteWeb agrees and adds a good point about the lunacy of placing all your social media eggs in your ISP’s basket. About as silly as using your ISP for your primary email account.

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