Am I setting myself up for disappointment

Last time I was due to “upgrade” my smartphone, the Windows Phone 7 with its “Metro” UI (user interface) was getting surprisingly good reviews, I mean really good, reviews before its release. But, instead of doing my homework, considering my … Continue reading

What We Learned From the GoDaddy Service Interruption

A couple of days ago there was a collective tooth-sucking sound emanating from hundreds of thousands of alert webmasters as they realized their websites had suddenly gone offline. Soon after Twitter became abuzz with chatter as they all realized they … Continue reading

Bad news for the Occupy protesters

I realize the Occupy protesters feel they are doing something important, something unique, something brilliant. Many are very passionate about whatever it is they are passionate about. But, as this transcript from a 1969 television show reveals, we’ve already been … Continue reading

US Debt perspective based in historical data

I’ve never heard of Dave Manuel before but he’s posting collections of interesting historical data about US gov deficits & surpluses (what’s that?) along with US debt balance and unemployment trends. This visually reveals how we’re entering historically uncharted water … Continue reading