Bad news for the Occupy protesters

I realize the Occupy protesters feel they are doing something important, something unique, something brilliant. Many are very passionate about whatever it is they are passionate about. But, as this transcript from a 1969 television show reveals, we’ve already been there and done that before you were even born.

From 1969, Episode 1, Season 8 of the Beverly Hillbillies

Jethro enters the Clampett house with three male friends, all wearing nearly identical yet outlandish outfits, hairstyles and sunglasses. He had offered to introduce them to his single cousin, Elly, as a favor to the family.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Uncle Jed: These is, uh, college students?

Jethro: Yes, sir, fetched ’em right off the campus. Oh, this here’s my uncle jed.

Uncle Jed: Howdy.

Mitch: Hey, man. how are you?

Uncle Jed: Oh.

Jethro: This here is Mitch. He’s been to 12 colleges.

Uncle Jed: what all’d you study?

Jethro: Study? They don’t study. they protest.

Uncle Jed: Well, what do they protest?

Jethro: Everything. You name it, they protest it. They march up and down in front of the college holding signs.

Uncle Jed: Well, how about you? ain’t you learning nothing?

Jethro: Oh, yeah, I’m carrying three subjects.

Uncle Jed: Oh, good, good. what are they?

Jethro: Down with the dean, down with the faculty, and down with the regent.

Uncle Jed: You walk around carrying signs too, huh?

Jethro: Heck, yeah. That’s what college is all about.

Uncle Jed: Well, don’t you go inside at all?

Jethro: Starting tomorrow I do. They’s gonna let me bust down the dean’s door and tie him up.

Uncle Jed: And why you gonna do that?

Jethro: ‘Cause I’m part of the academic revolution. I’m fightin’ for intellectual freedom. I’m throwing off the shackles of the economic power structure and putting down you corporate entities and conglomerates. I have done solved my identity problem. I know where I’m going and who I am. I’m free to make up my own mind and do my own thing.

Uncle Jed: And what is that?

Jethro: They ain’t told me yet.

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